What we do

We want nature to change your life

Elevation Outdoors is a company on a mission to help individuals find deeper meaning in life through experiences in the outdoors. We have intentionally chosen to remain a small, founder-led company. We believe that

People grow by challenging themselves

Nature is the perfect place to build courage

Authenticity precedes inner growth

We partner with schools

We partner with schools of all stripes to create outdoor experiences for students and educators. It’s simple: Nature provides the venue. We supply the expert staff, technical equipment, and well-planned activities. Schools provide the participants.

We provide four types of adventures

Our signature event for youth ages 14 – 18 is a 5-day outdoor camp for groups of 50 – 75, usually from the same school or affiliation. Focus activities include rock climbing, rappelling, archery, rope ascending, volleyball, solo time, meditation, yoga, and plenty of free time to chill and bond with peers. Students camp in one location in front country, and participate in focus activities at nearby locations.
We create and lead custom expeditions for groups of high school/college students. Trips range from 2 – 14 days, with focus activities in the front and/or back country. A wide variety of activities are possible, depending on the season and goals of the group, including hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, rappelling, top-rope climbing, archery, team challenges, and more. Typical group size is 15 – 25 participants.
We lead outdoor professional development seminars for educators and administrators. These courses are held in accessible front country locations and emphasize individual and team challenges, colloquia centered around education articles, and activities that clarify vision and establish goals. These are 1 – 3 days in length, and typical group size is 25 participants.
We create and lead expeditions for groups of adults who work either professionally or as volunteers in the field of education. Usually these educator expeditions are backpacking trips, 5 – 7 days in length. The typical group size is 10 participants.

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We work in the Rockies

We are located in Saint George, Utah, and facilitate outdoor experiences in the Rocky Mountain states. Many of our climbing camps are held in Southern Utah because of the excellent climate for year-round outdoor activities, and the abundance of climbing and canyoneering resources.