Students Respond to Massive Flood at Elevation, April 2011

Posted by on May 31, 2011

Students Respond to Massive Flood at Elevation, April 2011

When Williamsburg students arrived at Elevation on April 26, they were expecting to see the enchanting bridges, paths, cottonwoods and campgrounds of Crawdad Canyon waiting for them to move in. Instead, they found debris scattered everywhere, footbridges washed away, and rumpled mud where there had once been flat ground, due to incredible flooding. How did our students respond? See for yourself.

One group dealt with the first matter of business: building a bridge across the stream so everyone could access water and bathrooms.


Students scavanging materials from a washed out bridge

Step one: Dismantle old materials


Jess, Ian and others moving a massive telephone pole to use as a support beam

Step two: Move all old materials, including two enormous telephone poles, to the selected location for the new bridge


Levi rigging a pulley

Step three: Rig a pulley system to hoist the poles across the swiftly flowing creek


Securing the support beam to the pulley system



Madi, Aurora and Kirsten pulling with all their might

Step four: Pull!


Settling the support beams


The completed foot bridge















Step five: Secure foundation poles and build deck

While these students were building the bridge, another group of students grabbed shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and buckets and moved thousands of pounds of sand to level the volleyball area.


Buckets, wheelbarrows, shovels, and lots of physical effort


Alaskan students like Kaleb enjoy the sunshing of Southern Utah


Kenzi leveling the sand

The third group leveled six dumptruck loads of crushed red cinders for our picnic area.


Red cinder, a trademark of Southern Utah


Ahnalise hard at work


Students showed an incredible amount of leadership

When you are expecting one thing, but are given something very different, it’s easy to complain. But instead of complaining, the Elevation students just got to work! It’s pretty amazing what 75 determined teenagers can do in two hours when they put their minds to it.

At Elevation Outdoors our students don’t just talk about leadership – they practice it. The entire Elevation staff was amazed at the level of energy, positive attitude and teamwork that students showed from the moment they arrived at Elevation. Thank you, students. You proved that you are leaders by the way you responded to the challenges you were given.