Elevation, Crawdad Canyon, Utah, May 2010

Posted by on May 31, 2010

Elevation, Crawdad Canyon, Utah, May 2010

A hidden canyon with magical trails, sun dappled walls, a pool fed by warm springs, and lots of crawdad hunting. Perfect place to elevate your vision and leadership. Perfect place to challenge yourself.

Every Elevation is different, and this one was marked by some creative challenge course games and an intense simulation.

The Olympic Games included group runs, the spider web, log tosses, a blindfolded rock climb, a cooking competition using all the leftover food, and Camp Strike – a race to clean up camp.

Simulation Strain

The simulation’s objective was get from point A to point B. Each person’s hands were tied to other teammates’ hands, and each team had a large rock. The rules were as follows: no walking with the rock (i.e., the only way for the rock to move is from hand-to-hand up the line), and no touching the rock until everyone else on the team has touched the rock. The path to point B included moving up a small waterfall and required teams to work through other treacherous obstacles.

At the end, everyone was tired, wet, and a lot closer to their comrades.