Elevation, Crawdad Canyon, Utah, Sep 2011

Posted by on Aug 31, 2011

Elevation, Crawdad Canyon, Utah, Sep 2011

Emotional challenges can be more difficult than physical challenges. That’s what students learned at this Elevation.

While most simulations involve some rigorous team-building challenge, this simulation involved a story about a car bomb and chemical warfare, and challenged students to face the fact that life is fragile and could end at any time. Our take away was to live life to the fullest and love others as truly as possible.

Pondering the frailty of life

During Solo Time, students spend several hours in designated spots, all alone in nature. Mentors help students develop clarifying questions for students’ lives, and students take this time seriously. Mentors rove amongst their “pod” and have one-on-one meetings with all students to help them clarify their goals and elevate their vision – these are the kinds of meetings we wish we could have had, with the kinds of mentors we wish we would have had, when we were teens.

Journaling during Solo Time

Students at this Elevation definitely faced their share of physical challenges, from climbing, to ascending, to a tough challenge course, but for some reason students gave the mental and emotional leadership traits more focus than normal. Journaling, meditation, devotionals – these seemed to be the highlights.