Programs for your students

Outsource your outdoor program

We partner with schools (public, charter and private), to create customized outdoor adventures for your students. We typically work with students ages 14 – 18. Whether you want to begin an ongoing outdoor program, or just a one-time adventure opportunity, we can work with you to develop a plan that will fit your students.

We provide two kinds of adventures for students

Elevation Course

Our signature event for youth ages 14 – 18 is a 5-day outdoor camp for groups of 50 – 75, usually from the same school or affiliation. Focus activities include rock climbing, rappelling, archery, rope ascending, volleyball, solo time, meditation, yoga, and plenty of free time to chill and bond with peers. Students camp in one location in front country, and participate in focus activities at nearby locations.

Student Expeditions

Expeditions for groups of high school/college students. Trips range from 2 – 14 days, with focus activities in the front and/or back country. A wide variety of activities are possible, depending on the season and goals of the group, including hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, rappelling, top-rope climbing, archery, team challenges, and more. Typical group size is 15 – 25 participants.
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Accredited high school credit

We partner with an accredited high school, Williamsburg Academy, to provide high school credit for adventures that meet academic standards. Administrators find this an inexpensive way to deliver student courses, and these adventures are far more challenging and engaging than most high school classes.

What happens after you schedule an event with us?

We create a web page just for your group, with all important info

  • Equipment list
  • Important policies
  • Electronic forms to fill out, giving you and us the key info needed about your group (customizable per your needs and ours)
  • Instructions for liability waivers
  • You direct all participants to register through the web page
  • We send you an invoice, full payment due before the event, no refunds after the cut off date

We do not provide transportation (usually) but we provide everything else participants will need from the time of arrival until departure. Our team of experienced outdoor professionals handles the three critical aspects of a successful outdoor adventure

  1. Safety
  2. Well planned activities
  3. Equipment, meals, and scheduling

After the event, we provide you dozens of high quality photographs and a written trip report that highlight some of the participant experiences (see this Adventure Report, for example). Administrators use these images and stories on their school websites, in school newsletters, and to increase enthusiasm among school stakeholders.