Programs for educators

Professional development adventures

We work with teams of teachers, administrators and college students studying education to provide custom-designed expeditions and professional development seminars.


Every summer we hold outdoor professional development seminars for educators and administrators. These courses are held in accessible front country locations and emphasize individual and team challenges, colloquia centered around education articles, and activities that clarify vision and establish goals. These are 1 – 3 days in length, and typical group size is 25 participants. As educators, we need to frequently renew our vision of education and remember why we chose this field in the first place. We need to rekindle or own love of learning by engaging in exciting discussions with other teachers and administrators. We need to get outside our comfort zones so we can ask our students to do the same, and we need to build strong relationships with each other so we can enjoy working with those on our team. Want to remember why teaching is the most rewarding profession? Join us for a seminar.


We create and lead expeditions for groups of adults who work either professionally or as volunteers in the field of education. Usually these educator expeditions are backpacking trips, 5 – 7 days in length. The typical group size is 10 participants. Educators create authentic relationships and learn deeply from one another when they challenge themselves in a natural environment. Backpacking through Yosemite, rappelling in a Southern Utah slot canyon, and summiting a peak in the Wind River range provide the opportunity to strip away barriers and see others for who they really are. Want to see more clearly what makes you a unique, incredible educator? Join us for an expedition.
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What happens after you schedule an event with us?

We create a web page just for your group, with all important info

  • Equipment list
  • Important policies
  • Electronic forms to fill out, giving you and us the key info needed about your group (customizable per your needs and ours)
  • Instructions for liability waivers
  • You direct all participants to register through the web page
  • We send you an invoice, full payment due before the event, no refunds after the cut off date

We do not provide transportation (usually) but we provide everything else participants will need from the time of arrival until departure. Our team of experienced outdoor professionals handles the three critical aspects of a successful outdoor adventure

  1. Safety
  2. Well planned activities
  3. Equipment, meals, and scheduling

After the event, we provide you dozens of high quality photographs and a written trip report (see our Adventure Reports) that highlight some of the participant experiences. Administrators use these images and stories on their school websites, in school newsletters, and to increase enthusiasm among school stakeholders.