Meet our team



N Peter Jensen

I was born in the West and mountains are in my blood. After I finished my MBA in Austin, Texas (the coolest city in America), my eyes were starving for the mountains, and I was driven to make my home there again. As a child I fell in love with the outdoors while learning to hunt, backpack and mountain bike in the Wasatch range. During my teens I discovered the magical landscapes of Southern Utah’s red rock country, and I’ve never been able to shake the childlike fascination with this landscape. Climbing and cycling are my current favorite outdoor pursuits. I love to spend time in nature with family, friends, students and colleagues. Their humanity emerges in profound ways as the artificiality and busyness of life give way to the peace and quiet of the natural world. As a teacher, I am always encouraged by the authenticity and intelligence I see in others when we interact in the natural environment. As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about creating an organization that facilitates transformative experiences for my fellow human beings. Questions? Please, send me an email.





James Ure

Attorneys are known for cold hard logic, and using the law to build walls of separation to protect people. I love removing walls that separate me from other people. Maybe that’s why I chose to become an educator instead of practicing law. I love helping others tear down walls that hold them back. There are some walls that come down fastest, and most completely, with the influence of mother Nature. I grew up in the deserts of southern Nevada and Utah, and I always try to keep some Southwestern sand between my toes. My passions include rock climbing, back packing and running. Several years ago, Pete showed me how incredibly adept nature is at challenging, grounding and nurturing students, and soon it dawned on me that the outdoors is just as profound for educators. Nature sharpens our natural instincts and invites us to challenge ourselves; but most of all, nature filters out the bureaucratic regulations and other artificial barriers we face day in and day out, and reminds us why we’re educators in the first place. Please email me if you’d like to explore the possibility of an adventure with us.


Mentors & Trail guides

Our team of carefully chosen staff facilitate a safe and appropriate environment for all participants. We employ staff who hold current safety certifications such as Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness EMT, Certified Single Pitch Instructor, etc.

Our staff consists of mentors and trail guides. A mentor is usually an adult with a college degree, several years of relevant outdoor experience, and substantial teaching abilities. A trail guide is usually a college student with moderate outdoor experience, a love of working with youth, and a budding talent for teaching.