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Working at Elevation Outdoors

We are always interested in meeting new potential team members. All positions are seasonal. We do about 90 percent of our work between May and August. Typically, staff members work for us from one to six weeks per calendar year. Compensation is based on your experience and skills. College students majoring–or considering a major–in Outdoor Recreation and related fields are often able to count work at Elevation Outdoors toward a practicum, internship, or work credit.

We offer the following types of positions:

  • Volunteer Assistant. Volunteers join us for one or more week-long sessions. There are opportunities to learn outdoor skills, work with youth, and generally gain experience in the industry. Volunteer positions are helpful to those who may be considering an outdoor recreation career, but do not yet have much experience guiding/facilitating in the outdoors.
  • Trail Guide. Each Trail Guide assists a Mentor in leading a pod of students. Duties may include facilitating technical activities like climbing and rappelling, as well as general outdoor skills.
  • Outdoor Mentor. Each Mentor leads a pod of about 10 students and serves as the primary staff member for the group. Duties may include technical and non-technical activities. Most importantly, Mentors need to care about participants and be gifted teachers.
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