About Us

About Us

We are outdoor educators. We believe that a small team of committed individuals can have a great impact on the world around them. Our team are few in numbers, carefully chosen, and deeply committed to education and the outdoors.

Learn about the founders, James and Pete.

Nature is the best classroom

Our commitment to leading people into the outdoors began with a simple premise–nature is the best teacher. We still stand by that maxim. Our passion for outdoor education is fueled by the profound changes we see in the men and women, boys and girls, who come out to learn and play. We invite you to read the story of how this journey began.

The formula is simple

What we do is simple–facilitate the right learning environment, then watch the magic unfold. What does that environment look like? A beautiful and diverse natural setting. A team where individuals are emotionally and physically safe. A set of challenges that require teamwork, courage, discipline and playfulness.

We have four kinds of adventures for youth and educators, ranging from back country expeditions to professional development seminars.

Want to dialogue?

We are ready to listen to you. If you think we might be able to serve you, please call us at 435-817-9598, contact us, or fill out an adventure request (with no obligation or strings attached) so we can begin to understand and respond to your needs.

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